Booster Club

Booster Clubs

                    Booster clubs offer a positive opportunity for parents to be involved with the athletic program.  Booster clubs are to work in conjunction with, and be supportive of, the coaching staff and the athletes.  They are encouraged to provide and promote fan support and promote good sportsmanship for Parkland High athletics.  These clubs shall not seek to influence or direct the policies or procedures of the athletic program.  This responsibility rests with the Parkland School District Board of School Directors and the administration of Parkland High School.          

                    Any fund raising is to be done in the name of the booster club, not the Parkland School District, the Parkland School District Athletic Department or Parkland High School.  Student athletes are not to be required to take part in fund raising activities, nor are they to be singled out if they do not wish to take part in the fund raising activity.  Participation in these activities must be voluntary.

                    Where advertisements are solicited for programs or other publications, the use of advertisers who are typically associated with the sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products is not permitted.

                    Booster clubs are invited to use the high school facilities for club meetings and other functions.  Use of the facilities must be scheduled through the athletic office in advance.  Booster clubs running concession stands at school events must have approval from the athletic office in advance.  When running concession stands they should assist in keeping food and drink out of restricted areas and in keeping the area litter free.                                          

                    Booster clubs should provide the athletic office with a list of officers, their addresses and phone numbers, and proposed fund raising activities as they arise. There should also be on file in the athletic office a copy of the current club constitution and by-laws.  All booster clubs must submit a copy of their treasure’s report at the beginning and end of each season.  The officers of the booster clubs should communicate the plans for their activities to the Director of Athletics.  This will ensure compliance with all policies and procedures, as well as, allow the administration to respond in a knowledgeable way to questions regarding their activities.

                    Meetings scheduled by the booster clubs should be advertised in advance to insure all interested parities have the opportunity to attend.  Head coaches or their designee are encouraged to attend these meetings.

2023 Booster Club Leads 

President: Kathy Kunz

  • Coordinate functions of Booster club per Coaches direction
  • Car Wash, Kickoff Dinner, other additional activities as requested

Treasurer:  Ali Marsteller

  • Maintain checking account and books
  • Write checks as needed, make deposits
  • Provide reports to AD as needed

Secretary:  Stacey Saeger

  • Take minutes at meetings and provide post to website
  • Organize roster and contact information

Fundraising:  Melissa Webber & Zach Zuber

  • Select fundraisers and execute throughout year
  • Flower, Pie Sales, other
  • Season Sponsorship forms and donations

Vice President: Tim Sammarco

Assist President and handle anything that needs to be done

Announcer:  John Warminsky

  • Game Announcer
  • Spotter (Daughters Madi & Morgan)

Gameday Activities: Kathy Kunz

  • Schedule national anthem singer
  • Coordinate ball girl/boy participation

Concession Stand:  Kristin Shearer

  • Organize concessions for all home games and fundraising events
  • Determine menu, Set pricing
  • Coordinate volunteers (workers and food donations)

Spirit Wear: Lisa Ervin & Katie Frank

  • Select items to sell and pricing
  • Order items requested by Coach for team
  • Order and maintain inventory
  • Key Sales:  May Team meeting, Kickoff Dinner, Online Store, Game Days

Team Unity:  Andrew & Jen Tarantino

  • Team Pasta Parties
  • Out to eat nights

Memory Book / Photography / Video: Kevin Frank

  • Coordinate photography for book and website
  • Plan and prepare memory book

Special Event Nights

Banquet Committee: Walt & Amy Bates, Stacey Saeger

  • Select venue, Menu and Decorations
  • Program and Agenda
  • Team Gift

Breast Cancer Night: Melissa Webber

  • Work with Gameday coordinator
  • Order items to sell (carnations) and organize Team for sales
  • Decorate

Senior Recognition Night:   Katie Frank

  • Plan pre and post-match celebrations (decorations, flowers)
  • Work with Photography committee to create Program with profiles
  • Senior Gift

Youth Night: Jodi Sammarco

  • Communicate to local clubs
  • Coordinate gate – youth in free w/ jersey & tickets for food item
  • Activities per coach input – line up with team, tunnel, pictures, alumni intro at half, etc.

Emergency Responders Night: 

  • Work with Gameday coordinator
  • Contact Fire / Rescue (color guard)